Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash Of Color

While my friends and family back in Austria can’t stop complaining about the cold autumn that currently has a firm grip on Austria, I am enjoying the mild and sunny Roman autumn. Although I know myself to be truly blessed to experience such a lovely and warm autumn, I somehow miss the Austrian one. I especially miss the walks my family and I do on a regular basis all year through in the park of castle Laxenburg. The park extends over such a wide area that often you get the feeling of having it all to yourself. Each season has its own magic. I especially love our walks in autumn. Back home we always sit together by the fire in the living room, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying some cakes we bought on our way home.
It’s wonderful to observe nature changing. After a long summer, during which they afforded visitors and strollers shades, the leaves fall down and claim the ground to be laid to rest. And still they delight us, not by shading us, but by their colors and the sound of our feet navigating through an ocean in tones so different from the deep-blue sea we know. Weeks before the ground freezes and nature turns nearly monochrome it seems to be on fire, covered by yellow, red and orange flames and the only thing missing to make us believe the world is on fire is heat.
The grass prepares itself for being covered by a snow-white blanket. It lies down to hibernate, to gather its strength in order to rise again in spring, more beautiful and lusher still than the year before. But the blades of grass are not the only ones getting ready to compete in the resurrection of nature. The flowers’ splendor fades, bluish violet, roseate, cream, pinkish and bright red all turn to brown, disguising their real beauty and retiring from life only to hammer out plans to come again in a magnificence never seen before. Not only is autumn the end of summer, the end of nature’s life for this year, but also the promise of new beginnings, of hope and of comebacks. On grey days in our lives which make us feel too blue to think of the world’s colorfulness we shall remind ourselves of those promises, of the fact that nature rises again after each dark and cold period of time. And like nature we shall rise, rise stronger and more determined than before and shine in colors as bright as a field of flowers exposed to glaring sunlight.


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