That awkward moment …

… when you witness somebody having sex in their car.
I’m not joking.

My host mum was in Milano and had asked me to receive a package, which she would take to NYC for fellow journalists.
Friday afternoon an Italian colleague of her called me and told me the cab was on its way and would be here in about 15 minutes. After 10 minutes I decided to go down and wait on the street, just in case the cab would arrive earlier or even punctual. I should know better by now. In Rome, hardly anybody is ever on time, let alone early.

Well, there I was, standing in the chilly late-afternoon air, staring up the street, keeping a lookout for a white car. (In Rome all the cabs are white.)
Suddenly I noticed some movement in the black Smart parked three meters away from me. It was a couple, passionately sucking on each others tongue and lips – and it got wilder inside that little car. (Isn’t it awkward that we feel embarassed, as soon as we witness others P.D.A.-ing?)
Now, I’m not a hundred percent sure they had sex (after a little while the windows misted up), but I’m pretty positive about it. Of course I didn’t stare at the car but persistantly endeavored NOT to look anywhere near it – for half an hour. Man, I was uncomfortable. It was quite hard not to look near the scene of the event, because the cab I was expecting would arrive from the exact direction where the Smart was parked.

Anyway, that was last week’s awkward moment.


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