Who am I?

I am an Austrian 18-year-old girl who set out into the world – more precisely to Rome, Italy – after school,hoping to
find out what life has in store for me.

Why did I go to Italy and what do I do here?
In school I learned English, French, Latin and Spanish. I thought Italian would be a nice addition to my collection. Since I fell in love with Rome when I came here on a school-trip in 2010 and am crazy about history I tried to find a family here, who would have me as an aupair for six months. I only wanted to go for six months to try something else afterwards. I hoped (and still hope) that an opportunity would (will) present itself.

My host-mom is kind, considerate and we are on the same wave-length, which is wonderful. I am ever so thankful to have found such a nice friend in her.
The children I work with are already eleven years old.
I am only needed to pick them up from school during the week, sometimes to take them to school, to cook, to help in the household and things like that but basically I have a lot of leisure time. This allows me to learn Italian (I do a course in the center of Rome), meet my friends, explore the city and enjoy my time here.

And after Rome?
I still don’t really have a clue what to do afterwards, but I hope I’ll have some kind of an inspiration.
To me it’s important to be successful and happy with what I do. I want to stand for something I built and want to unite my greatest passions in my future job. If I marry and have kids I want to stand on my own two feet. It’s always important to have people in one’s life that one can depend on but I also want to be able to care for my family and myself. I guess what I want to say is I am happy to have people in my life who I can depend on but I don’t want do be dependent on anyone.

I am passionate about history, reading, writing, music (singing, writing songs and playing the piano – I want to start recording a little bit at home), speaking languages, having people around me (seriously, I get awfully depressed when I’m alone for more than 24 hours), cooking and baking, doing sport (I love skiing, running, hiking, walking, going to the fitness center, swimming, playing volleyball, …), travelling, photography, being creative (I usually have about fifty projects going on at the same – kind of hard) and much more.
And I am a doer. I have to DO something, to have a project, to learn something, to explore something, to work, to be active. I am highly ambitious. (I guess you could tell.)

Yeah, I know, some call that a workaholic. I call it the wish to live, to actually do and achieve something, to end up

Take over the worrrrrlllld!!!

Take over the worrrrrlllld!!!

in a good place and to leave my footprint on the surface of this world. I just have to find out which road of life to take.

Cheesy, I know.


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